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Yankee Tattoo - art for life.
Yankee Tattoo - art for life.

At Yankee Tattoo, we make it our job to promote the safety and health standards that far exceed the expectations of our local and state governed laws. The owner of Yankee, Bald Bill Henshaw, is on the state board of legislature to review issues ICC Code Free Download governing the laws of tattooing in this state. Popular ASME PDF Codes
Yankee Tattoo staff members are all required to meet high standards of training. These include things such as medical knowledge of how prevent IWC Replica Watches cross contamination, recognize occupational hazards for both piercing and tattooing, and much more.
We also attend semi-annual seminars, provided by qualified members of our field, to teach us the latest discoveries and update safety standards in this industry.
Our Policies are intended to further ensure your safety and ours patek philippe replica watches .
As a Yankee Tattoo client, you are guaranteed the highest standards in the industry, as well as a quality tattoo or piercing by a staff that takes that extra step to provide you with the safest and best experience Latest AWS Code Download possible. ART FOR LIFE
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